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FIBRPRO® precast

FIBRPRO precast is a local, quality building material supplier with an experienced sales team selling high-quality precast synthetic FRP gratings – FIBRPRO. We are approved by ASD, WSD, DSD, HYD, EPD and HA from HKSAR Government for various types of projects.

Team of Engineers

FIBRPRO® is a team of Engineers in the fields of material, production, mechanics, civil, structure, environment, construction, contracting and management in Hong Kong. It is the unique background that FIBRPRO® has been leading the way in the application of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials in construction since 2010. In January 2018, Fibrpro group is restricted to Fibrpro Holdings Limited, with four related subsidiaries of Manufacturing, Precast, Contractor and Finance.

FIBRPRO® contractor

FIBRPRO® contractor division is specializing in providing design, engineering, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning one-stop contracting service for FRP related works. We pride ourselves on challenging projects and welcome unique custom work. Using our knowledge of FRP material, manufacturing techniques, building codes/specifications, we have been providing our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions to address complex construction challenges. We hope you will consider our company should a project come along that would require our specialized services.

FIBRPRO® profiles are pultruded FRP shapes which consist of glass rovings, continuous strand mat, and surface mat or other veil materials. The four major components are impregnated with resin and heat-formed by the pulling action of pultruders.
Being corrosion resistant, FIBRPRO® profiles are ideal substitutions for steel or even stainless steel components. They can be assembled to form a wide range of FRP products such as ladders and rails.
Gratings are divided into two groups: Pultruded FRP gratings are assembled of pultruded FRP profiles, with I bars, T-bars, as load bearing members, circular rods as connecting members and circular tubes as spacers between the load bearing members. Moulded FRP gratings are in form of the regular mesh or slot types. They are formed in large metal moulds with hand-laid glass fibres as reinforcement and resins as a matrix.
Being corrosion resistant, FIBRPRO® profiles, gratings and railings can be assembled to form the comprehensive shape of staircase.
FRP covers are the perfect solution to enclosing sewage tank, chamber, pit and channels as the major part of the odor control system.
FRP Rebars are manufactured using the pultrusion process. They are used as concrete rebar due to their corrosion resistance or electromagnetic transparency.
FRP formwork is an economical solution for concreting specialist designs. They fulfill the most demanding architectural requirements and have no limitation on object shapes.
FRP is an ideal cladding material has aesthetic properties, durability, impact resistance, ease of installation, versatility and overall weight savings on the structure.
Including Tree Pit, Planter, Landscape Works and more

Why choose FIBRPRO® precast?

FIBRPRO® precast is a local, quality building material supplier with an experienced sales team selling high quality precast synthetic grating - FIBRPRO. We are approved by ASD, WSD, DSD, HYD, EDP and HA from HKSAR Government for various types of projects.

  • Slip Resistant
    Non-slip surface

    FIBRPRO® precast synthetic gratings have the anti-slip texture which has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface.

  • Durability
    Absolutely prevents corrosion and rust

    FIBRPRO® precast absolutely prevents corrosion and rust. The unique material properties are suited to last a lifetime for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Custom Made Service
    fit even the most complex design

    FIBRPRO® Synthetic Grating today covers a nearly limitless array of colours and is known for being custom made to fit even the most complex design for shapes and patterns, durable, sustainable, and versatile.

    European Standard BS EN 124

    FIBRPRO® precast is available for several load bearing requirements, which has complied with the requirements of the European Standard BS EN 124.

  • Unlimited Colours
    Unlimited colour customization

    FIBRPRO® precast Synthetic Gratings cover a nearly limitless array of colours. The unique channel gratings can be combined with different materials. Thus, more specialised colours are possible with unlimited colour customization.

    Theft Resistant

    Traditional steel and cast iron grates are highly susceptible to theft because of rising scrap metal value. However, FIBRPRO® precast channel gratings do not pose any value for scrap metal due to their synthetic material integrity.


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